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Our Ministries

We welcome you to join any of these ministries if you are interested! Please contact us here or speak to someone after one of our services to get connected!


"Men of Valor" is the name of our men's ministry. We strive to be like Christ in all that we say and do. As men of God our job is to evangelize, be of help and sharpen other men. Each month we host a breakfast for the homeless, and share God's word of life with them. Each year we also go together to Camp Berea for a Men's retreat to recharge our spirits to continue to combat the Devil's wiles.


The Women’s ministry “Daughters In Zion” seeks to embody Christ’s character and the biblical roles of women through oneness with God, unity in the body of Christ, and harmony with each other. To spread the love of God abroad and among ourselves by implementing programs and ministries that will help women grow in their knowledge of God’s Word, strengthen their relationship with Christ and provide opportunities for them to serve within the church as well as reaching out to our community to share the love of Christ through His Word and good works.


The ushers/greeters are an essential team to our family. Ushers are the first people that the guests see when they come to visit! They carry a genuine spirit and a soft smile and must be watchful throughout the service to ensure the sanctuary is preserved and that everyone is safe.


The purpose of this ministry is to edify and encourage the body of Christ and to direct the hearts of those we are leading, toward God in worship. Our goal is to praise and worship God, not just during the worship service, but with our lives so that "the words of our mouth and the meditations of our heart" are acceptable to the Lord (Psalm 19:14). Within a worship service, the goal is to usher the congregation into the presence of God (1Pet 2:5) and set the stage for the preaching of the Word of God with the ultimate goal of changing lives into the image of God (Rom 12:1,2; 2Cor 3:18).


Prayer is the ultimate weapon against the enemy. Every Wednesday morning, the prayer team meets on the prayer line at 6 am to interceed on behalf of God's people. We also meet for intercessory prayer 1 hour before special services. We are currently looking for warriors who will allow God to use them through the spirit of prayer!


The house of the Lord must be kept clean with excellence. The cleaning/housekeeping crew is split into two parts. Each Saturday the house is cleaned by one team and we rotate each week. Every fifth Saturday, both teams join and clean together as one. We are currently looking for those who would like to serve the Lord by cleaning His house!



Our youth ministry is dedicated to the development of the spiritual, mental and emotional elements of our young people. NLM BLAZE meets every Sunday (except 2nd Sunday) during the sermon, to learn about God on their level. We provide, teach and equip. We provide them with a safe space to be themselves, teach them practical values to operate as an asset to society by fueling them with the word of God and equip, by mentoring and guiding our youth, giving them the tools to be positive, godly examples to others.



This committee is a ministry to the church on a physical level. Throughout the year we have several events that include a meal that is catered. From the prep in the kitchen to the finished meal on your plate, the hospitality ministry takes care of it! This team goes above and beyond to make sure that the operation is planned and executed well, by delegating any member to help if needed.

We welcome you to join any of these ministries if you are interested! Please contact us here or speak to someone after one of our services to get connected!

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